Within the back of your eye, there is a network of tightly woven cells and blood vessels that form a barrier to control substances entering or leaving your retina. The retina is where all of the images you see are recorded – it acts like the film in a camera.

Wet AMD is a condition that damages the central part of the retina. Abnormal blood vessels in this area of your eye grow and start to leak. Studies in large populations show that statistically a person’s chance of developing a disease is increased by risk factors. Some of them are completely out of your control, like family history, gender, ethnicity, and of course, age. Other factors relate to your own lifestyle and can be changed.

Eylea is a medicine used to treat Wet AMD. In order to support those experiencing the symptoms of this condition, we created a website to inform, educate and support them. 


With accessibilty at the heart of our strategy, patients were able to set their preferred font size, colour combination and, listen to audio recordings of each piece of content. I lead the design, art direction and UX, working with researchers and copywriters.




We comissioned a voice over artist to create audio for every piece of content to help those with more serious symptoms of the condition to access information an a different way.