Jobless Generation

Twitter Campaign / Website

Would kids rather deal drugs or lay about playing PlayStation instead of having a proper 9 to 5? There are nearly one million unemployed young people in the UK today. Despite what many think, most are passionate, hard working young men and women who just want a proper job.

Circle Sports, the youth employment charity, launched a twitter campaign to put pressure on companies to employ young people. A YouTube video was created to highlight the negative stereotypes they face every day.

The young candidates were secretly filmed being interviewed by an actor posing as a career advisor who asks them to consider career choices that play into stereotypes about young people, such as getting pregnant in order to claim benefits or selling drugs.


After watching the video, viewers are encouraged to send a tweet to some of the UK’s biggest companies, asking them to give the young people from the film a chance, while employers can watch their video CVs and donate job opportunities.

To support the campaign I designed a micosite to tell their stories.


Agency: Publicis London
Brand: Circle Sports
Role:  Design / UI