Kogenate Bayer


Hemophilia is a condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, causing severe bleeding from even the most minor injuries. This can affect adults and children. Kogenate Bayer is a medicine used to treat patients suffering from this condition.

A wealth of information is available to patients but clinicians needed an effective tool in order to communicate this information effectively, in an easy-to-digest way. One proven method was through the use of a tablet. This enabled clinicians to share information easily with patients and so Bayer proposed creating an app in order to do this.

I lead the project from a design and user experience perspective, working closely with researchers and copywriters to device a strategy to implement this. Four key focus areas were established for the app content: Kogenate Bayer - the medicine; research; educational resources and patient support. 



I devised a simple grid structure for the UI to house the key content areas and began experimenting with colour and typography. I decided to use the four secondary brand colours to represent each content area to establish a clear distinction between each to make the app UI as intuitive as possible.


Content was designed to work in a linear fashion, from left to right, supported by a breadcrumb-style secondary nav allowing clinicians to quickly skip to other areas of the app


Agency: Langland
Brand: Bayer
Role:  Design / UI / UX / Art Direction