Studies Made Simple

Web Platform / Search

Clinical trial recruitment can often be problematic because of stringent eligibility criteria and patient misconceptions about clinical research. This combined with dense and difficult-to-digest information can often be more of a hinderence than a help to patients trying to engage with clinical trials.

Each year, Eli Lilly invite design agencies to try and address these issues and come up with solutions to make information available more patient-friendly. My role was to work closely with researchers to develop an effective visual language and user experience for the web platform across multiple devices.

Our objective was to create a powerful geo-search based interface using google maps to help patients connect with study teams easily using their condition, gender, age and location.


It became clear early on that a simple search-based user interface using the google maps api would be both engaging and intuitive, and enabled us to establish the users location based on their IP address in order to zoom into their location when they accessed the portal.



Once the patient has entered their search query they are presented with a list of results, giving them quick access to clinical trial information in their area.


Agency: Langland
Brand: Eli Lilly
Role:  Design / UI / UX / Art Direction